Three fishermen have been reported dead with three others in critical condition after they were caught up by fire when mixing their premix fuel to fill their outboard motors for fishing on Friday morning at Kormantse No. 2 in the Eastern region.Africa 

Policeman sets self on fire over wife’s infidelity

An aggrieved policeman has reportedly set himself on fire following a heart wrecking discovery about his wife.

The deceased identified as Tinashe Jala committed suicide after he discovered his wife’s infidelity.

Tinashe discovered that his wife Sibongile Shana, had 3 other lovers after he hacked into her WhatsApp account after a heated argument relatives helped settle.

A police source who confirmed the incident, told iHarare that Jala committed suicide after seeing his wife off to the bus stop. The deceased locked himself in his home and set it ablaze.

“Jala discovered through WhatsApp web that Shana was cheating him with three different men and this did not go well with him and I want to believe this is the end result.

Up until his death, the deceased he worked in the Information and Communication department of the Zimbabwean police.

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