Police Officer kills his lover, then commits suicide

The officer had come from duty at around 1pm today, and while still in his uniform and armed with G3 rifle went to the AP officers’ canteen to have lunch.Witnesses said he appeared angry and did not talk to even his colleagues.While in the process of taking his meal, the constable engaged his lover in a heated argument that minutes later degenerated into a scuffle.

It is after the scuffle, which lasted less than three minutes, according to sources, that the man shot her on the head from a close range killing her instantly.He immediately turned the gun onto his head, shorting himself dead.”From the argument I had, it is about love that has gone sour” said an officer who sought anonymity.His lover, a civilian, who manages the canteen is married but the victims are reportedly been having affair for the last one year. Isiolo County Commissioner John Ondego described the incident as unfortunate advising officers to discuss their differences and seek counseling. He said that such deaths would be avoided if officers can make use of clear cut channels of solving differences.

According to Mr Ondego, the officer had served for over 25 years. The deceased were in their mid-40s.The bodies were moved to Isiolo referral hospital mortuary.

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