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Photos: Meet the Nigeria King with his seven wives chilling in US

The Oba Adejuyigbe Adefunmi of Oyotunji African Village, Southern Carolina, United States of America, is seen below having his leisure time.

Last year, Oba Adejuyigba Adefunmi of the Yoruba community in the U.S revealed that he has seven wives.

”My wives are in Canada, Atlanta, Oyotunji, Virginia and different places. African people always did things upfront as opposed to doing it closed doors. European people would sneak out of the big house, go into the plantation and sleep with all the slave girls, then sneak back into the house like nothing ever happened”.

”That is not the case with African men. I like to quote the great Fela Kuti who said that African men don’t run around the street chasing women. Instead, he brings the women to his house and surrounds himself with them as he sits in one spot. At Oyotunji everybody does not practise polygamy, it is reserved for only the people that can afford it. It requires a lot of money and land. That scares people away from polygamy and I think I am the only Yoruba in North America that I know who practises polygamy”, he said during the interview.


Oba Adejuyigbe Adefunmi who has seven wives seen chilling in the US

Oba Adejuyigbe Adefunmi who has seven wives seen chilling in the US


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