Photos: Meet the 14-year-old boy who started a bank at age 7

Like the saying, “You don’t have to be old to achieve something great”, this is the case of 14-year-old Jose.

Jose Adolfo Quisocala Condori, a Peruvian boy started a children’s savings bank when he was only 7 years old. His bank now reportedly serves over 2,000 clients and offers various financial services.

According to Jose…

“When I was seven years old, when I was mayor in my school, I learned about my school’s problems, I realized that my classmates spent their money buying figurines to fill albums that ended up on the floor and contaminated my school. that there were children who did not have supplies and other needs, and so with the help of my teachers we knew that something could be done.”

He then started thinking of ways that children could generate money without the help of their parents, and recycling seemed like the obvious answer.

Jose proved all doubters wrong after he was told that a 7-year-old couldn’t handle such a project

How the bank operates

The operation of the Bartselana Student Bank is simple. The bank collects solid waste from its customers, which are sold to a wastebasket, where they are transformed into toilet paper.

The money from the sale goes to the child’s account and can only be used when it reaches its savings goal. The withdrawal of this cash can only be made by the client and not their parents.


  • Nominated for the International Peace Prize
  • International Entrepreneur School Award
  • Ambassador of the World Movement, “Global Money Week”
  • International Financial Inclusion Award for Young People – London Prize
  • Nacional E-100, Top High Impact Enterprises in the Country.
  • National Award for Social Entrepreneurship “Thaski” 2015
  • National Protagonists of Change 2015
  • Award National Award for Volunteering 2014, category Environment
  • Member of the CYFI Youth Committee for the United Nations
  • International Finance Award for Youth – New York (United States)

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