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Photos: Man rapes two goats to death

A Kenyan man is behind bars for raping his mother’s two goats to death.

Mbithi Munyao, 35, is said to have dragged them from a grazing area for a sickening two-hour session.

The terrified, bleating animals died of exhaustion as soon as he finished the vile attack, police have said.

The animals’ bodies were presented as evidence before a shocked courtroom in Kangundo, in Kenya’s Machakos County.

Munyao who faces two bestiality charges was arrested after his devastated mother reported him to authorities.

“After his mother raised alarm, the suspect was apprehended by area Chief Bethwel King’ele who handed him over to Kangundo Police Station,” according to court reports seen by The Star.

Local official Mary Mulwa said the man molested the animals over the weekend in the village of Kinyai, around 50 miles from capital Nairobi.

She added: “The goats died after the sexual encounter that lasted for close to two hours.”

“There were many single women looking for men and it was illogical for Munyao to engage in bestiality,” local news site Hivisasa reported.

Munyao, who pleaded not guilty, is being held in custody until his next court appearance at the end of the month.

He was offered bail but could not come up with the £700 bond, it has been reported.

There have been several cases of men in Africa engaging in illegal bestiality recently.

Horrified residents once handed Muriithi over to cops after he was allegedly caught having sex with a donkey near a church in Mutathi-ini.

He claimed in court he was too shy to chat up women.

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