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PHOTOS: Funny images that flooded social media after Barcelona defeated Chelsea

Chelsea FC was defeated in their UEFA Champions League second leg match played against FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou Wednesday night.

The English Champions were defeated by three unanswered goals after which social media went agog with some funny images targeted at fans of the club.

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi sealed his club’s defeat of Chelsea with a double dose of sorcery but at the end, it wasn’t his goal that mattered; it was Chelsea’s goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois who became the news for what his own fans believe to be a poor showing.

Below are some of the images that were used in the trolls:


A popular Manchester United fan and a PR Practitioner, Felix Agyir Baidoo posted the photo below with the caption, “Good morning fam! May the doors of your breakthrough open for you today. Anything that wants to stop your shine, may Suuliaa be its portion. Amen!”

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