Photos: 20-yr-old girl borrows money to buy her boyfriend a car on Val’s Day

Friday kariuki, a 20 year old model and student of the Methodist University, Kenya, has surprised her boyfriend by buying him the car he always wanted.

Kariuki said she took a loan from her dad to buy the brand new Mercedes Benz for her boyfriend of 4 years. The lovebirds also revealed that their parents are very supportive of their relationship.

While speaking to Pulse Live Kenya Fridah admits that Michael has been so supportive of her both financially and emotionally and she thought it is time she gives him a token of appreciation on this special lovers’ day.

The model reveals that his boyfriend has had plans to purchase a car for quite a long time but responsibilities have always come along the way.

The two have never shied away from showing their affection publicly depicted by the way they held themselves in front of the crowd which were eager to witness a show of love. Something most people cannot dare.

Our parents are aware about our relationship and they are very supportive of it’, Fridah says.

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They arrived in style escorted by a number of close friends. They’re all dressed fancily and in a super jovial mood. From a distance one could tell that the boy was being blindfolded as they all head towards where the Mercedez Benz was parked.

Michael was totally unaware of what was cooking but judging by the look on his face, he had sensed that there was something fishy from the way people around him behaved and treated him.

Hot on the heels celebrated Celebrated Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi has gifted his fiancée Chantal Juliet Grazioli a new BMW as a Valentine’s gift.

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