Four communities in Lower Manya Krobo receive W/C toilet facilities

The Municipal Chief executive for the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality, Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh break four new grounds for the construction of two 16 seater modern WC toilet facility with 4 bathrooms and two 20 seater WC toilet facility with 4 bathrooms in the early hours of today.

Abanse and Akuse Salom opposite the Akuse Government Hospital will both be receiving 16 seater WC toilet facility with 4 bathrooms to replace the dilapidated facility at Abanse and the unaccessible facility at Akuse Salom which had been closed down due to the very bad state which has put pressure on the Akuse Government Hospital facility.

Akuse Osorkutu and Hwekpar will also be receiving 20 seater WC toilet facilities with 4 bathrooms. The hwekpar 20 seater facility will be the first public place of convenience in the history of the area and the leadership sees it as a welcoming news as they pledge their support to the Hon. MCE for responding to their cries and to their Assembly member Hon. Awuley Mensah for his great leadership skills.

The Hon. MCE was accompanied by the NPP party executives in the Lower Manya Krobo Constituency under the leadership of the Chairman, Charles Kwesi Borkor for this all important assignment.

Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh assured the general public especially his citizens in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality that he is committed to his mandate to develop the Municipality and in line with that he is working to develop all sectors of the Municipal.

The Hon. MCE hinted that under the security sector, he will be commionsing the Newly constructed Odumase Police Command which is almost ready and hand it over to the Police Administration in his Municipality to improve upon the Police Administration work within the coming weeks among other school projects which will also be ready for commissioning soon.

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