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 Nigeria’s Female Volleyball Team Shall Bounce Back  In  2024, Nimrod Warns African Countries


Nigeria’s Female Volleyball Team Shall Bounce Back  In  2024, Nimrod Warns African Countries

Following Nigeria’s female volleyball team’s 0-3 loss to hosts Cameroon in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Qualifiers series,
Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF) President Engineer Musa Nimrod, has informed African countries to enjoy their temporary dominance while it lasts, warning that from 2024, Nigeria would be unbeatable.

He expressed this at the Beach Volleyball Courts of the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna, on the sidelines on the male beach volleyball team’s training before departing for the Tokyo Olympic Qualifiers in Togo.

“These are young players but by 2024 it will be difficult for any African team to beat Nigeria’s female team. We are working hard and we are waiting for our technical adviser coming from Brazil in February,” he declared.

Speaking further, he said that with what the federation is doing, some of the players would soon go international to build on their experience.

“Some of the players will go professional because not just playing locally, international exposure helps in sharpening skills and building confidence,” he said

Nimrod cited an example of the Cameroonian team, which he said is beefed up by players plying their trade internationally.

” Like in Cameroon six of their players are playing professionally in France,” he said.

He stressed that his vision is geared towards future dominance.

“My target is 2024. If people don’t think about it I am thinking about it. By then they would have matured, they will be strong and difficult to beat,” he assured.

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