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NGO Demand Resignation of Dr Kwasi Asabir Over Corruption Allegation


A Non-Governmental Organisation call itself The Patriotic Advocates for Truth, Peace and Development, Ghana is demanding the resignation of Director of Human Resource at the Health Ministry Dr Kwesi Asabir over corruption and nepotism.


The released signed by the Founder and Convenor Mr Isaac Kobina Ochem, the group said the petition became necessary because the Health Ministry had failed to take appropriate action on the said matter over since the Punch Newspaper published the story.


The Punch newspaper, on Monday 22nd June, 2020 in its 3rd page, caption, with a headline:  Rot at Health ministry, Director of Human Resource cited for extortions, and recommending unqualified persons.


This particular publication was referring to Dr Kwesi Asabir whom is alleged to have involved himself in such a highly corrupt practices by extorting monies ranging from fifty thousand Ghana cedis and above from newly appointed principals of health training institutions before endorsing for their appointment to be able to take office, an investigations conducted by the Punch newspaper.


The Patriotic Advocates for Truth, Peace and Development, Ghana, is therefore asking the government to let Dr Kwesi Asabir tender his resignation letter to the sector minister in order to pave way for an independent investigation body to probe the allegations against Dr Kwesi Asabir which per their checks conducted revealed he is still at post, a situation which is against the laws of the country.


“Another allegations the punch newspaper per it’s credible investigation conducted revealed, Dr Kwesi Asabir is adopting what is called nepotism, in that he has recommended for the appointment of one lady by name, Rebecca Akweley a closest friend of he Dr Kwesi Asabir”s wife to a the position HR manager whom does not deserve because she has not pass through the ranks per the lay down procedure at the health ministry” the statement reads.


“All these calls for probe since we as an advocacy group that believe in the truth is drawing the attention of the government to take action with immediate effect by compelling Dr Kwesi Asabir to step aside by resigning to pave way for an independent investigation body to delve into the issue and come out with its findings for the whole world to know” the statement reads.


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