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Ghanaians urges to help create a world of gender equity- GRCS

The Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS) has urged public to help create an equal world for both genders especially women to give them a sense belonging in the society.

There was the need to fight biases, challenge stereotypes, broaden perceptions, improve situations and help celebrate women’s achievement in the society.

Mr John Ekow Aidoo, Regional Manager of the GRCS indicated that, his office would work with its partners to curtail the limitations placed on women in the society which stifled their capabilities and inward abilities, loosen their confidence and restricted them from excelling.

He was speaking at the Egyeikrom Church of Pentecost in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abirem (KEEA) on Sunday to mark the International Women’s Day on the theme: “I am generation equality: Realizing Women’s Rights.”

The day is celebrated worldwide to embrace the achievement of women and celebrate their successes to inspire all women to soar higher.

Mr Aidoo said the celebration was a perfect opportunity to rekindle the momentum and begin correcting the biases, intimidation and the neglect of women.

“Women deserve equal rights and opportunities, which cuts across access to Education, social amenities, and all others that make life worth living because an equal world is an enabled world” he added.

He identified illiteracy as the major setback for women, and called on women to take advantage of every initiative meant to break down barriers to education for them to empower themselves.

Mr Aidoo mentioned the implementation of the Strategic Approaches to Girl’s Education (STAGE) project as one of the opportunities.

He said the STAGE project was sponsoring more than 2000 girls around the Central Region to acquire basic vocational skills and training which included numeracy and life skills to meet the demands of the global world in six months.

Speaking on ‘Safeguarding’, Ms. Dora Ewusi, a member of the GRCS urged women to make themselves extremely useful so that the society would appreciate their efforts and know their worth.

She charged women to pursue their dreams, go the extra mile in securing a great future for themselves and not allow anything to restrict them.

Mr Godfred Nyarko, a representative from the Department of Social Welfare also educated them on some support systems provided by the government and the society to enable women to reach their goals.

“Women involvement in politics, compulsory women representation on all boards, their inclusion on membership of municipal and District assemblies, public education on women empowerment, Government social programs targeting women and a host of others were some support systems to ensure equity and Equality”, he said.

Mr Nyarko urged women to take advantage of the support systems and get on board in all initiatives and to become the voice for the voiceless where ever they found themselves

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