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The Gabonese, as they have already become accustomed to since last June, discovered last night, a new reshuffle of the government Julien Nkoghe Bekale, the fifth of its kind in less than a year.

If the new team remains without real change, the game of musical chairs will have allowed the return of some former ministers however thanked as Lambert Noël Matha, who returns to his Ministry of the Interior, after a few months spent in the purgatory of the Decentralization before to be out of government last October. The same goes for Carmen Ndaot, the former Minister of Entrepreneurship who is also returning to the team, this time to the post of Investment Promotion, public-private partnerships. Overall, the only notable fact remains the departure of Ali Bongo Ondimba’s former chief of staff, Bruce Laccruche Alihanga, the main figure and one of the last vestiges of the famous Association of Young Emerging Volunteers (AJEV),

With the fall of Lacruche Alihanga, who will not even have spent a month at the helm of the ministry of promoting development goals, it is almost the end of the AJEV nebula, the only association, which, there are some time was feared and revered even by senior executives fearing to lose their places. From now on, this is only an old memory.

And he would no longer be surprised to see the former strongman of the presidential cabinet also go behind bars, considered him the brain of this organization of young mafia, who, in just two years, would have helped put the country on the ground by a massive diversion of billions of FCFA. This is in any case the argument upheld by justice, despite the accusations political conspiracy and justice to orders.

Even if the Prime Minister, Julien Nkoghe Bekale justifies this umpteenth reshuffle, the fifth of its kind in just 11 months, with the concern of Ali Bongo to improve the living conditions of the Gabonese, there is like a floating at the top of the State. Anything that contributes to instability now manifest in the public administration, with ministers appointed and landed in just two or three weeks.

A waltz which, far from establishing an effective administration, creates rather a certain perceptible discomfort. If not, what results should ministers expect to be dismissed for incompetence and recalled later?

What results do ministers expect from being appointed and then landed just a few weeks later? What results to expect with the same ones who take turns in the name of morbid affinities? What results can we expect from such untimely reworking?

To these questions, neither the Prime Minister nor President Ali Bongo Ondimba himself is still able to give a reasoned explanation to the populations to whom they say they want to ensure a better life, if not to wield the range of their power. discretionary. And we understand that 11 months later, the team of Nkoghe Bekale, rather than getting to work is still looking for its brands while the living conditions of Gabonese, they are dwindling.

Story: Ndosali Komeni

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