NDC chairman blasts Wontumi

The vice chairman of the largest opposition party NDC at Berekum west, Hon. Martin Lucas has through a press release described NPP’s Chairman Wuntumi as a joker and a liar.



Why do we have to accept this rubbish of wontumi? How can chairman wontumi select a team for NDC while his own team lost miserably in all the positions they contested during their own (NPP) regional elections? He himself would have lost ugly if not the intervention of their tin-god (Nana Addo) you know it, I also know that.

Despite the defeat of Yemin, Nana Kwasi was the regional vice chairman from 2014 to 2018 have you asked yourself how he managed to occupied that office and how he delivered his duties for the past four years? All what that good for nothing propaganda wontumi is say is a totally lies which they all learnt from their boss Bawuliar, please let’s have hope in Nana Akwasi and fully support him now that he has won, he is our regional chairman, you may like Yemin because he is regular on the media but don’t forget also that comrades in Ashanti region may have one or two issues against him since he occupied that positions as a minister, my research also indicates that Nana Akwasi is grassroot man and I know you know what that one means?
Ashanti NPP dislike wontumi because of his education background but they accept him when it comes fooling yourself like this, they know he don’t feel guilty and ashamed by fooling around, please comrades Akatamansonians,
like it or not, let us all come together and deny and discredit wontumi, why wontumi didn’t mentioned the names before the elections? He would have say the same if Yemin won, he will do same after our national delegates conference doesn’t matter whoever may win whatever position, don’t forget that he has already said he is the one behind JM or should we accept it?
Why did he refused to named his selected regional and national executives before the elections but had already mentioned JM? Let’s beware of that wontumi.

Thank you


Hon. Martin Lucas
NDC vice chairman Berekum west.

The vice chairman therefore pleaded with all NDC members around the world to come together for victory in the upcoming 2020 general elections.

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