The Ga South Municipal office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has joined the campaign by the Ghana Revenue Authority to ensure that Ghanaians understand the importance of tax and the need to pay taxes as citizens.
As part of the campaign, Ga South Municipal Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) organized series of activities in the name of ensuring that Ghanaians develop interest in tax payment so that more people could be brought into the tax net.
Some of the activities were street announcements, visitation to churches, mosques, market places and lorry stations.
The Commission further had engagement with artisan Associations, communities and identifiable groups especially business groups.
Speaking at the Church of Pentecost, American Farm in the South Municipality, Mr. George Obeng Osei, Senior Civic Education Officer(SCEO) lead the Church through the tax regime and explained to them the benefits associated with tax payment.
He said government need taxes in order to provide social amenities and social interventions for it citizens.
“Government provides infrastructure facilities such as hospitals, schools, roads, clinics, electricity and water because of the taxes we pay”, he hinted.
He echoed that it makes difficult for governments to carry out developmental projects that are key for human survival if citizens fail to pay tax.
“As citizens, it is our obligation and by law that we pay our taxes”, he tasked.
He stated that there are a different types of tax that Ghanaians can hook on to, adding there is vehicle Income Tax (VIT) for drivers, Tax Stamps for self employed business operators such as dressmakers, susu collectors, chop bar owners, butchers and it is paid quarterly depending on the type and size of business.
He mentioned that in advanced countries, it is tax that has helped to speed up their development, therefore it is incumbent upon all persons working and earning income to pay tax for the country to catch up with those developed countries
He asserted that paying tax gives the payer the power to demand from government what they deserve, “It also helps tax payers to provide their tax documents anytime they are requested for the award of contracts should the need arise”.
Aside the benefit, he said, the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, Chapter 6 Article 41 (J) also instructs Ghanaians who fall within the tax net to honestly declare their income to the necessary authorities and fulfill every obligation associated with it.
He further said Ghana needs everyone to pay tax because these little taxes could go a long way to help the country develop, saying, “our taxes Our future”.

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