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My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me Because I Asked Him To Wash His Hands Before He Fingers Me

A simple matter of hygiene has sunk a relationship. According to the lady, she simply told her boyfriend to wash his hands before he fingers her and now he has broken up with her.

Read her account below.

My boyfriend just broke up with me just because he wanted to finger me and I told him to please wash his hands first. I put “please o”. He started swearing at me that I don’t have good home training. He was even saying I’m not his class that he just wanted to manage me. Chai, how am I wrong here, just to be safe that’s why I told him to wash his hands before he sticks them in me. He might have touch dirty things that may cause infection for me. What should I do???? should I call him to apologize or should I just forget it.

Should she beg him or just move on?

By: Temitope Adeniram/Nigeria


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