The member of parliament for Tain constituency  of the brong Ahafo region Hon . Gabriel Osei has said that, he is helping the uneducated  youths of his constituency to acquire vocational skills.

According to him every youth in the country need to be educated to make his future secured  ,that is why president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has introduced Free SHS to help the poor and needy but a youth who did not complete his Basic Education  can not benefit from this and it could end their live  in vain, that is why he is helping the youth who does not have this educational opportunities  in his constituency to aquire knowledge in vocational skills.

He disclosed this during an inauguration of chip compound built by the Nasana community with the help of the member of parliament hon Gabriel Osei  in Nasana of the Tain district of the brong Ahafo region .

He concluded that the youth should stop involved their self in drugs abuse,for they are the future of Ghana tomorrow and concentrate on what will help them improved in the future.

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