Mother killed and her baby is abducted during outing with friend

A 28-year-old mother has been killed and her child abducted in Delta state after they left home with a friend.

Helen Ehianu, who suffers from epilepsy left home on March 22, 2018, with a friend who promised to take her to a place where her epilepsy can be cured. But she was found dead in a pit at Obior community, in the Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State, on March 24. She had been strangled and her leg broken. Her baby was nowhere to be seen, neither was the friend, and it is now believed that the child has been kidnapped.


Family members believe the woman who she left home with lured her to have her killed and kidnap the child.


The deceased’s brother, Samuel Ehianu said the friend, known only as Precious, is not known to their family, but his sister said she had gone with Precious to the place where they were supposed to get the epilepsy cure before, so her family let her go. Samuel said.


Mother killed and her baby is abducted during outing with friend


Before she left her compound in Ekwuoma, in the Ika North East council area for Ogwashi-Uku on March 22, Helen took her 6-month-old child with her upon the insistence of Precious. When Helen’s mother called in the evening, Precious reportedly picked the call and informed them that Helen said she wasn’t returning home because she wanted to stay there and start a trade.


They never heard from both women again until two days later when some locals saw a man dumping a body in a pit and raised alarm. By the time police arrived, the body was seen but not the suspect.


According to Punch, Samuel mentioned that residents of the area where the corpse was found claimed that they heard a “strange sound” from the apartment of a man they suspected had a hand in her death. He explained that the suspect fled the community after the incident.


The state Police Public Relations Officer, Andrew Aniamaka, confirmed the incident, adding that the case had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.

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