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Most Ghanaian ladies prefer dating liars and men with fake lifestyles – Counselor Adofoli

Professional marriage Counselor, Motivator, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur, Counselor Frank Edem has observed that Ghanaian ladies of today are over obsessed with material things they no longer pursue truthful persons to be in a relationship with.

He observed that most of them prefer to date chronic liars with fake lifestyles provided these men are able to satisfy their needs and how they are able to do it they do not care to ask.

“These days lots of ladies prefer lies to the truth, they just want someone who can meet their needs and don’t care about how they are able to do that. Some don’t mind being with the married as far as their needs are met. They tag such persons as good.

Lots of so called good people are dressed in fake clothing, they hide lots of truth about themselves from you, play games with your mind and heart; and because they are good in terms of your needs, you don’t get to know them until the end of the relationship”, he revealed in his latest article.

Read full text of the article below;

Lots of singles go into relationships looking for a good person to settle down with in marriage and because of that, lots of people are faking to be good. People pretend to be perfect these days, others pretend to be the right choice for you. They are very good towards you, show lots of kindness and yet keep you in the dark.

It is so heart breaking to find out that the partner you see the future with does not see the same with you. It is so devastating to know you are in a relationship but not on the same page. It is so hard to come to terms with speaking of them in the past tense when you used to see them as your future. It is a complete setback.

People who are not real with you are those who leave your life without a word, reason or explanation because from the start of the relationship, they were not with you. They just pretended to be there and because they were good to you, you just mistook their kind gestures as being real with you.

If you are looking for a lasting relationship that leads to a lasting marriage, I urge you to go for someone who is real. They might fall a few times in life, break along the line, fail at trying to beat the best version of themselves, but as far as they are in the process of working on themselves and have not given up, God will heal them, give them the Grace to rise, they will have the strength to overcome their pasts and struggles.

Don’t let anyone lead you on, don’t give your heart to anyone to play with because they are good to you. Always keep in mind that the truth is never as painful as discovering a lie. And if you are being rejected because you are real, it is a blessing than to fake it and lead others on.

In conclusion, “The Lord hates every liar, but he is the friend of all who can be trusted” – Proverbs 12:22 (CEV).


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