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MMDAs Referendum: Opah Chief Dines With NDC, National House Of Chiefs

The Chief of Opah in the Ga West Municipal in the Greater Accra region , Nii Ayitey Okuansuro is yet to come to the terms with the reason why Local Government system should be partisan.

Nii Ayitey Okuansuro was part of the first batch of Assembly members to constitute the local government.

According to the Chief and pioneer Assembly member, Nii Ayitey Okuansuro, he agrees with the position of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the National House Of Chiefs that the Local Assembly should be non partisan.

He was of the view that making the local government partisan will discourage a lot of technocrats who’s expertise are crucial to the development of the Assembly.

“Many technocrats do not like partisan politics, so if we allow the assembly members to be elected on political party line many people who’s services are needed will not contest because those people are not politicians”, he said.

The NDC and National House of Chiefs are all advocating for the vote against the proposed amendment of Article 55 (3) of the 1992 Constitution which will make local government elections partisan.

Article 55 (3) states that “subject to the provisions of this article, a political party is free to participate in shaping the political will of the people, to disseminate information on political ideas, social and economic programmes of a national character and sponsor candidates for elections to any public office other than to District Assemblies or lower local government units.’’

The referendum has become necessary because Article 55 is an entrenched provision of the Constitution and therefore can only be amended through a referendum.

Voting for the proposed amendment has been scheduled for December 17, but Nii Ayitey Okuansuro is against it.

Briefing the press, the chief of Opah Nii Ayitey Okuansuro said the local government system should remain non-partisan and that individuals should contest the District Assembly and Unit Committee elections on their own merit.

On otherhand, Nii Ayitey Okuansuro explained that he is the only chief of Opah, as a result anyone who claims to be a chief of Opah is an imposter and a fraudster.

He urged the Press to not entertain anyone as a chief of Opah other than he Nii Ayitey Okuansuro.

He was of the view that Opah has known peace since he became the chief of the town and will continue to experience peace under his authority.

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