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Millionaire Sheron Sukhdeo glamorously buried with gold chains and Timberland boots

Real estate guru and used car dealer, Sheron Sukhdeo. was killed on Monday night after being shot multiple times in a drive by attack. The attack took place outside his mother-in-law’s house in Charlieville on Monday night before 9p.m in Trinidad and Tobago.

For the burial, the body of Sheron Sukhdeo arrived in a white hearse just before 10 am. He was dressed in white along with his famous gold jewellery adorning his fingers, hands and neck. His casket was inscribed with the words ‘Sheron’s Auto’ and ‘World Boss’ inside.

A pair of Timberland boots were placed in the casket near to his feet. His trophies from various racing events were on display. Several of his luxurious cars were also observed parked outside the house.

The officiating pundit told mourners that no one knows when the time will come to die. The pundit said that there are three things in life we do not know: when we will die, where it will happen and how we are going to die.

The pundit noted that Sukhdeo had no idea he was being stalked for death. However, he said one has to appreciate that whatever happens in life is the will of God.

He described Sukhdeo as a ‘good soul.’ He said he had the privilege of meeting him at primary school as he did prayers for him and his family. He added that everyone has bad aspects, as well as good within them.

“Not only long ago, less than a year, we sat down and did prayers,” he said.

Meanwhile, talk show host Ian Alleyne said Sukhdeo was a good friend to him. Alleyne, who also spoke at the funeral said Sukhdeo’s killing was unfortunate.

“I personally have lost a good friend. To me he was good,” he said.

Sukhdeo will be cremated at the Waterloo cremation site. No one has been held in connection with his murder. However, police say they are working on several leads.


Rachael Sukhdeo, wife of slain Chaguanas businesman , Sheron Sukhdeo who was gunned down while visiting his inlaws at Charlieville. his son Sheron Scott Sukhdeo and daughter Sherona at their fathers funeral which took place at his Xavier street Chaguanas home.

Sheron Sukhdeo


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