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The ASWETOY will like to use this opportunity to wish all members Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year! as we enter this blessed gift of a new year, it is the association’s hope that the Almighty God keep and protect each and every one of us.
Our main agenda is to see the full Restoration of our mother land, the Western Togoland, to have its place on the world map. We have grown to learn the bitter truths of how Britain and Nkrumah of Gold Coast (now Ghana) has aggressively connived to loot our nation, our fathers who protested this cruelty were all mimed and killed those who can have to run away to a self-imposed exile!
This is very bad bitter truths

The question we keep asking Britain and Ghana is, “of what business is it that compulsorily the Western Togoland should be added to Ghana?”
We keep asking this because for the past sixty and more years that this unestablished Union has been forcefully occasioned on the Western Togoland, we have not seen the reasons for this! An action that has caused the life of our fathers.

The association will once again wish to remind all those stomach centered politicians and the political chiefs of the Western Togoland that they should be very careful about the land and should stop peddling falsehoods and misrepresentations of the history of the land, for today they are close to Ghana and her thievery of the Western Togoland so they are being given tips to speak against the freedom of the land threatening the few bold ones who stand for the truth! We want to assured them that we are not going to relent on our effort until there is real meaning to our independence since 1961 as captured by the United Nations list of non-self-governing states.,
Until Western Togoland also has a seat at the UN General Assembly, Until the Western Togoland is also mentioned among nations of the world, we shall fight till the last drop of our blood and the gods of the Western Togoland shall crush down anyone who will try to extinct he last heroes of the land’s independence struggle!
To the political powers of Ghana and its current leadership, we wish to remind them that we have never forgotten the aggression by their past leaders towards the Western Togoland and the constant reminder of how we are bush men in their land! The question to them is why are they still holding on to us? If you keep referring to us as bad and negative people why still in this unestablished Union with us?
The government of Ghana again is reminded by this new year message to learn her history well and stay within her geographical locations, the attempt to further deepen our woes by dividing the Volta region will be met by all physical and spiritual means! “It is better you are warned before you say you were not told” and in any case “what you don’t know can hurt you” so instead of going on with that blood of aggression why don’t you rather try to correct the wrong done by your fathers?
We just wish you think rationally and protect your hope of peace and symbol of African’s democracy! By showing it and not just dreaming it!
To the current President, H.E Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, you always said you are a Human Right Lawyer and a lover of Democracy well you are now in the best position to let the whole world see this practiced in this our case, a wise son builds upon his fathers good work and correct his wrongs!

To the various interest groups such as the peace council, the Christian council, the Muslim Mission of Ghana etc.

We know you are hearing our voice but just pretending you are not well it will be batter you come together and convey a meeting and advise the leadership of Ghana to respect the peoples right or be part of the equation when the consequence emerges!
To the whole world and all at corridors of Peace we the youths of Western Togoland plead with you all to come to our rescue at this time that we are calling, now we are using our voice, pen and paper don’t pretend you are not hearing us! For the outcome might be disastrous! If it come to fight or warfare Britain and Ghana can testify that we are puissant and pugnacious people and can get whatever we want either through physical or spiritual means, we still have our ancestors with us and can repeat worse form of the Datutagba engagement if it becomes critical!
We are demanding the world to come down and clear the doubts of this unestablished Union we have with Ghana sixty-one years on now! So that we can be at peace when we sleep else the world should get ready for another hotspot!
The association wish all the very best of 2018! And may God be with us all!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Thank you all.


Nyakpo George
(Secretary ASWETOY).

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