Meet Moesha Boduong and Her New Trending Video


A video and photo of Moesha Bodoung with a flat ass has sent people talking on social media.

The photo appears to confirm long-held assertions Moesha travels occasionally outside the country for reviews and works to keep her shape together.

Well, whether those rumours are true or not, the current video and photos, at least, prove that she once had a butt is markedly different from what she showcases now.

In an interview with LiveFm Ghana, some time ago, the actress said she owned her endowments to waist trainers.

“Yes I have been waist training and I have been doing this for more than three years and I can boldly say that I have not regretted. It is actually the best thing that has ever happened to me or the best decision I have ever taken”, she said in that interview.

“I have always had a well endowed ‘behind’ but waist training has helped in enhancing it, now my butt is really out, my stomach is smaller and my waist is more thinly,” she said.

With the latest revelation, however, it is not clear her next comments will be.

Credit: Adomonline

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