MCE for Lower Manya Krobo municipality commended for improving standard of living

The leadership and the good people of Ayermesu Kpati community were very happy as Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh, MCE for the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality responded to their invitation to a community meeting to offer them the opportunity to present some few issues bothering them to the Hon. MCE.

The Dadematse of the area first expressed their appreciation to the Hon. MCE for making time to attend their meeting despite the short notice. He said Ayekoo to Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh for the Good work he is doing so far for the Municipality.

The Dadematse as the lead spokes person for the community continued to put some of their problems before the Hon. MCE ranging from Poor school building infrastructure, poor road network and the connection of their area unto the rural electrification project.

In the response of the Hon. MCE, he stated that as they can testify, the light poles had been already delivered to their area as the contractor is awaiting the release of other materials to connect them unto the nation grid as well as the other areas in the middle belt of his Municipality ranging from Oborpah west through to Obelemanya and its surrounding areas.

The Hon. MCE assured them that with the assistance of the new Municipal Urban road engineer, they have completed assessment on the poor road networks in his Municipality and as the first phase of reshaping is already completed on the Oborpah Junction to Obelemanya road, the Ayermesu Kpati road network shall be receiving attention within the next Municipal allocation of roads to be reshaped.

The Hon. MCE concluded by saying he met the following schools, Piengua Yokwenor M/A Primary, Yonguase M/A Primary and Akosombo Ketem M/A Primary all having poor school infrastructures but as we speak Akosombo Ketem and Yonguase had a new classroom block constructed and commissioned under his leadership and Piengua Yokwenor structure currently at an advance stage. Ayermesu Kpati will be next to enjoy his great leadership.

The meeting ended with joy as the Hon. MCE and his team of officers from the Municipal Assembly and some executives of the NPP in lower manya krobo Constituency departed the area in peace.

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