Married woman who slept with her ex-boyfriend while she was 3-months pregnant lands in ‘trouble’

The punishment of infidelity to some, might be in decades to come while for others, karma is instant! According to a relationship consultant, Ben Nnamdi, an unnamed pregnant Nigerian woman is in trouble owing to her one-time search for adventure

Trouble started for the married woman after her ex-boyfriend succeeded in having sexual relations with her eventhough she is married. Prior to their sexcapade, the supposed ex was unaware that she was already 3 months pregnant and is currently laying claims to the unborn baby

In the perturbed lady’s words;

“I am a married woman with a son of 2years plus and legally married, wedding and traditional marriage three years ago.

“My problem is that my girlfriend called me yesterday from the village that she had a rumor that my Ex is saying that he is coming to take my son, that he is the father and that I was pregnant for him before I got married. Ben I was like when? How? In this world or in the dreams and she said that she want me to know incase he comes and I said OK. But Ben, he is not the father of my son and he will never be.”

“Ben my husband is the father of my son. I am not a baby and I know who got me pregnant and I don’t know why he wake up from no where and said my child is his. My husband don’t know all these cos I don’t know how to tell him. Please advice me on what to do. Thank and God bless”

See the chat she had with the relationship expert here;

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