Married man beats wife after she slapped his side-chic at Film house cinemas

An ugly incident took place today, March 3rd 2018, at the Filmhouse cinemas.

A married Nigerian man took his ”young girlfriend” out on a movie date went grave with shock after his wife showed up and created a scene.

According to an eye witness reports, the wife was said to have trailed her husband and his alleged girlfriend to Filmhouse, Lekki, today.

(side chick)

Upon getting there, she approached her husband’s vehicle and embarrassed herself,the side chic and also her husband as events that followed turned ugly.

The married woman had told the girlfriend to wind the window down, after which she gave the young girl two heavy slaps, asking her to step out of the vehicle while shouting ”He is a married man’

The husband, less apologetic and infuriated by his wife’s actions, pulled out his belt and began flogging his wife with it but for the timely intervention of LASTMA officials.

The wife ran back to her vehicle for safety and tried to drive out but her husband blocked her, asking her to return the SUV as he bought it for her.

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