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Man’s Eyeball Cracks As Flying Champagne Cork Hits His Face

Reality TV star, Theo Campbell , has been blinded by a flying champagne cork .

Campbell , of MTV’s The Challenge fame, was struck in the eyes and became blind in the right eye after what he described as a “really unfortunate accident ” involving a champagne cork.

He shared the news on his verified Instagram page .

He revealed that despite undergoing two eye surgeries, he has “lost all vision in my right eye ” because it was “split in half .”

“Who would have thought [ that] a champagne cork would be the end of me !?” Campbell lamented on Instagram .

His girlfriend , Kaz Crossley , said the accident occurred when Campbell got champagne in his eye .

“He took his glasses off for a moment and at that point, a cork hit him directly in the eye .

“He was hospitalised and had seven stitches to close the eye ,” Crossley narrated on her own Instagram handle .

“This will make people aware of the dangers related to opening champagne bottles around other people and be more careful ,” she counselled.

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