Man raped drunk daughter because ‘he thought she was his new wife’

A drunk man raped his own daughter on his wedding night ‘because he thought she was his wife’.

The 50-year-old man, from Denmark, was hosting his wedding reception at a country estate when his 20-year-old daughter passed out in the bridal suite.

The pair had been out of contact for many years but reconnected around Christmas 2017 and he invited her to the wedding.

During the party in April 2018, the daughter became ‘very intoxicated’ and family members realised she would not be able to get to the nearby hotel where she was meant to be staying.

She was brought to the bridal suite at 2.30am by her father and another guest where she went to sleep.

About an hour and a half later, the new bride and groom went to the room and the father fell asleep between his daughter and new wife.

At some point during the night, the man is accused of grabbing his daughter, according to court documents seen by Danish media JydskeVestkysten.

The report said: ‘When she asked him to stop and tried to sit up, he pushed her hard in the chest. ‘After this, while she was on her back, he forced sexual intercourse despite her begging him to stop several times.’

The man says he cannot remember anything that happened after falling asleep and denies all allegations of rape and sexual misconduct.

A court in Kolding heard how the daughter couldn’t defend herself because she was drunk.

Following the alleged attack, the father reportedly apologised to his daughter over text, claiming he mistook her for his wife.

The daughter reportedly responded: ‘I think we should cease all contact. What you have subjected me to is something I cannot accept. ‘I asked you nicely to stop and you continued. I shouted, you continued, I hit you, you continued.’

The father apologised, saying: ‘It was a mistake. I’m sorry. I thought it was [wife’s name]. Can’t we try to stay in touch? I’m sorry’. He was found guilty of rape and was jailed for two years and six months.


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