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Man murders boss’s neighbour over job transfer

A Nigerian man identified as Kehinde Adeoye has murdered his boss’s neighbour over a job transfer that saw him deprived of a daily sum of N3000.
This is the amount that often comes to him a worker at the Nigerian Railway Corporation located in Ogun.

The employee of the Nigerian Railway Corporation has been apprehended by security officials for an attack on his boss.

The profit is reportedly an outcome of ticket racketeering which saw an abrupt stop following his reassignment to the Kajola Railway Terminus, Ifo.

According to PUNCH NEWS, the suspect had perceived his boss, identified as Eze Ejike, to be behind his redeployment to a new location which did not offer him an opportunity to enjoy the benefits formerly known to him.

Expressing grievance over the matter, Adeoye reportedly hired a some hoodlums who had an intention to inflict harm on Ejike.

In the process, a member of the gang stabbed the boss’s neighbour, Abeeb Oluwafemi, who had tried to prevent one of the assailants, Kayode Johnson, from escaping.

The victim, Oluwafemi, died after being rushed to the hospital according to Punch News.

In response, a mob which apprehended the gang member beat him to stupor.

The killing of an innocent man was however not the intention of Kehinde Adeoye according to comments he offered to Punch.

“I hold National Diploma in Business Administration and work with the Nigerian Railway Corporation. I live on Adekunle Adekemi Street, Itoki. I was posted to work on the train in July last year. I was in charge of ticketing. I made about N3,000 every day.

“In December, one of my bosses, Mr. Ejike, was also posted to work on the train. He reported me to our superiors and I was reposted to the Kajola Railway Terminus.

“I was pained; I have a wife and a child. I decided to do something that would make him to sit at home for two months.

“I invited my friends and told them to injure my boss in the leg. I took them to his house in Oposuru.

“While they were beating him up, he raised the alarm. We flagged down a tricycle and hopped in. The rider refused to go when he saw some people chasing us.

“Chibuzor and I ran away, while Kayode (Johnson) was caught. It was when I went to a police station to report myself the following day that I learnt that Kayode stabbed somebody to death,” says Adeoye.

ASP Abimbola Oyeyemi, the Police Public Relations Officer for Ogun State confirmed that the chief suspect as well as accomplices have been arrested and transferred to the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Eleweran, in Abeokuta.

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