A Man was found Dead in Bush – Ghana

A man believed to be in his forties 40’s has been found dead at Assin Edubease in the Assin South District of the Central region.

The body which is in decomposed state was found in the bush Monday morning.

Chief of Assin Edubease, Nana Kese Tari, who explained the issue to Adom News’s Alfred Amoh said the deceased may be a stranger because, he is unknown in the community.

According to him, the unknown man may have been murdered and dumped in the bush.

He said although the state of the body has made it difficult for easy identification, no family member has complain of a missing person ever since the incident happened.

The Assin Fosu Police officers and two doctors from St. Francis hospital in Assin Fosu have inspected the body where the community have been ordered to bury the body.

Credit: Adomonlnie

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