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Man catches pregnant wife sending naked photos to guy she’s sleeping with

A man has been left heartbroken after he found out that his pregnant wife had been cheating on him with another guy.

According to the man, his wife had been sleeping with another man even in her pregnancy and he discovered she had been sending nude photos of herself to this man.

Narrating the whole episode to a relationship counsellor, Joro Olumofin, the man revealed that he woke up one night to pray and realised the wife was not beside him.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, he headed for their washroom and met the wife coming out with a smile and she even kissed him goodnight.

Suspecting the wife’s behaviour, the husband took the wife’s phone after she had slept off and tried a password which worked.

Going through the phone, the man discovered that his pregnant wife had been sexting with another man and sending photos of her nude body and baby bump to her lover.

After taking screenshots of the raunchy chats, the man woke his wife up and confronted her.

The woman broke down in tears and begged him that it was not her fault. But he did not heed and sent her packing.

“I threw her out. She went to the neighbour’s house. They have been calling me,” part of the husband’s message read.

To prove his case, the husband sent screenshots of the messages he found the wife exchanging with her lover.

Parts of the chat clearly showed that the woman had slept with her lover not too long ago.

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