Man arrested for murder of 22-year-old student

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A man was charged Sunday morning with the murder of a Temple University student whom he’d just met in a bar before leading her back to his apartment.

Jenna Burleigh, 22, was killed after leaving Pub Webb at 2 a.m. on Thursday with Joshua Hupperterz who police believe carried out the murder in his North Philadelphia apartment. Burleigh’s body was discovered at his grandmother’s Wayne County home more than 100 miles away. According to the county coroner’s office, the young woman died as a result of blunt trauma and strangulation.

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Burleigh had just transferred from a community college in Florida to Temple to start classes in film and media, hoping to one day become a filmmaker. Now, friends remember her as a positive and caring person who believed in helping others, her social media posts asking for donations for Philadelphia’s homeless and advocating for equality during a local women’s march in January.

“I think we all became much better people from knowing her,” said Shauna Duggan, a high school friend, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Burleigh’s father received the news of her death on Saturday, writing in a Facebook post, “Our Beautiful Angel Jenna is now in Heaven. Now I know for sure that you can have a ‘broken heart’ RIP honey.”

Source: Metro

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