Man allegedly chopped off his brother’s hand on Christmas days

While Christmas day is a day to show love to family and friends, for a particular family, it was a day of rancour which reportedly ended in a man chopping off his brother’s hand.

A photo being circulated on social media shows a man with half his arm chopped off and, according to reports, his brother is responsible.

The two brothers who live at Otatubu in Nembe local government area in Bayelsa state had a disagreement on Christmas day and it degenerated into a violent fight involving a knife and a cutlass.

According to reprorts, one of the brothers allegedly held a small knife with which he attempted to stab his brother. He wasn’t successful and his brother, in anger, went to get a cutlass with which he chopped off his brother’s hand. The fight happened on Tuesday, December 25.

The injured brother was rushed to the hospital for treatment following the Christmas day brawl.

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