A Ghanaian native base in abroad has raised a concern on how some of Ghanaians treat pet animals, during his recent visit in the nation” some of us are not qualified to own pet animals.

According to Mr Prince Mohammed Suleman, pet’s are maltreated in some part of the country. base on that he is pleading to the government to set law and regulations ,before any one can own pet animal in his or her house.

“Going into importation of their food in Ghana and sell it in the cheap form ,I just have piety and love for them, pet animals had a lot of benefit when you go to the foreign countries, they are part of national development. Pet animals deserve better living and not any kind of food they do take we should know that. If you can’t afford for their food don’t own them, to the extent they are into punishment” he stated.

“Pets are not just in the house ,to protect our properties or because of their beauty, we can use them for excising of body ,and keep ourselves healthy” he emphasized.

Mr. Suleman therefore stated that, by passing this law, it will reduce the number of stray dogs(pets) we see on the street and go a long way to improve hygiene and sanity in the Country.

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