Major Mahama ‘killers’ hold bibles, sing praises to court

Major Mahama ‘killers’ hold bibles, sing praises to court

Several people who had thronged the Accra Central Magistrate Court Thursday to witness proceeding in the case in which 19 persons are being tried for their involvement in the murder of Major Maxwell Mahama, were stunned when they saw the suspects appearing in court each holding Bibles.

According to Kasapa FM’s Court Correspondent, Daakyehene Ofosu Agyeman, all the suspects sung praises as they arrived at the court premises and while disembarking the vehicle that conveyed them.

He further reports that the suspects who appeared to have repented from their sins and turned on a new leaf also prayed in the van before they alighted.

“There was drama in court today as we witnessed a rare spectacle. All the 19 suspects bowed their head and prayed as soon as they sat down in the court room. People who had gathered in court were very surprised at the conduct of the suspects as this behaviour has not been seen since hearing began,” Daakyehene said.

The Court adjourned the case to September 25 awaiting the Attorney General advice.


The deceased, Major Mahama, an officer of the 5th Infantry Battalion, is said to have been on his daily jogging routine on Monday [May 29, 2017], when some angry youth of the town attacked him, allegedly on suspicion of being an armed robber.

The Police subsequently arrested over fifty suspects who had fled the town to other regions in the country.

Further investigations has reduced the number of suspects to 19.

Source: Adomonline

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