Local miners in Gola Konneh District divide’s Gov’t bans on dredges uses in Liberia

Local miners operating in  gold rich Kola Konneh District,Grand Cape mount County continue to divide the banning mandate from the Ministry of mines and Energy by using dredges on the Liberia water.

According to the District youth chairman Mr.David Johndon,local miners in Goal Konneh district,Grand Cape Mount County are using dredges something that is damaging the Lofa river which divide Gbarpolu,Bomi and Grand Cape mount Counties.

Mr.Johnson said the constant use of dredges on the Liberian water is polluting the water and enlarging and enlarging the weight of the Lofa river in the Western Region of Liberia.

Speaking with the Western Region regional supervisor,Alfred Passaway said Government has ban dredges from being use on the Liberian water so anyone that is involved is operating at their own risk.

Mr.Passaway has denied of being in the know dredges operations in Western Liberia.

Also speaking the assistant Minister for mines at the Ministry of mines and energy Emmanuel T.T Swen said the operation of dredges is not to his knowledge and the Government of Liberia has ban the uses of dredges from all operations in Liberia.

Minister Swen said the Ministry is about to enforce her mandate and agents will be assigned to inspect these gold mining areas across the Country.

Dredging is an activity that is carried out to remove deposits from water pathways.But even though the activity aids regularity in marine traffic,it is not without it disadvantages,as it pose a huge threat to the marine environment.

It can recall that since the beginning of 2020 over three persons have lost their lives over the use of dregdes while mining gold under the Lofa river between Gbarpolu,Bomi and Grand Cape mount Counties.

The first dafter left in the Lofa river in the early February name Abraham Turley while the second person name Momodu Kanneh died in April of this year and the third person Sekou Kamara died lately May ending in the same Lofa river by using dredges.

The Ministry of Mines and Energy with immediate effect bans all dredges been used in Liberian water both foreign and Liberian nationals,”With immediate effect,the use of dredges on all water bodies within our for mining of gold and diamond is hereby banned”says Mines and Energy Minister Gersler E.Murray.

Addressing a news conference in Monrovia,he discloses and said the Ministry has commenced a rigorous exercise aimed at fixing and formalizing the Artisanal and small-scale mining(ASM)subsector of Liberia.Murray continues that the Ministry has developed a roadmap which will require collective efforts of local Government,law enforcement authorities and private citizens.

Since the main focus of dredging is to remove the deposits submerged under,the environmental effect of the process also revolves around this focal point.Some of the effect of dredging can be enumerated as follows:                     The soil deposits in any water-body had a certain predisposed composition.Through dredging this composition is altered.Because of the said alteration the existing habitat of the creatures  and organisms that depends on the original compositions of the soil dies out due to the unfavorableness of the change caused.                     Source:Shadrach D.Brown, Liberia correspondent


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