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List of Companies owned by John Mahama

The call is in fulfilment of Article 286(1) of the 1992 Constitution states that:

(1) A person who holds a public office mentioned in clause (5) of this article shall submit to the Auditor-General a written declaration of all property or assets owned by, or liabilities owed by, him whether directly or indirectly?, and

Clause 5 of the article provides that ‘The public offices to which the provisions of this article apply are those of ; the President; the Vice-President; the Speaker, the Deputy Speakers and a Member of Parliament; Minister of State or Deputy Minister; Chief Justice, Justice of the Superior Court of Judicature, Chairman of a Regional Tribunal, the Commissioner for Human Rights and Administrative Justice and his Deputies and all judicial officers; Ambassador or High Commissioner; Secretary to the Cabinet; Head of Ministry or government department or equivalent office in the Civil Service; Chairman, managing director, general manager and departmental head of a public corporation or company in which the State has a controlling interest and such officers in the public service and any other public institution as Parliament may prescribe.’

However, this paper can say that public officers including the President, John Dramani Mahama, is yet to honour this Constitutional provision.

However information received alleges that the President in a clear conflict of interest personally, is involved in the management of 6 private companies which includes Eco Petroleum-with Alex Mould, Star Oil- 60% a majority owned, Republic Bank-majority owned Bank based? in Trinidad and Tobago, Engineers and Planners-with? brother Ibrahim Mahama, NDK Financial Services- 50% shares with Mr Oko Nikoi Dzane, and Energy Bank where he has 30 % share with Nigerian Businessman and Lawyer Jimoh Ibrahim.

The information also states that President Mahama, together with Johnson Aseidu Nketia also owns a stevedoring company at the Tema Harbour and as well, control stakes in a gas company called Princeton Gas.

Interesting revelation further make known the belief that the unavailability of LPG in Ghana in recent times, since the beginning of this year, can be linked to the President who according to sources has refused to sign a document that will allow Ghana to tap gas from the West African Gas Pipeline project unless the company that has his brother Alfred Mahama and Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, Campaign Manager for the 2012 campaign as directors is given the sole rights to distribute LPG in the country.

A cursory look at the 2013 budget shows clearly that between now and June 2015 no project or serious activity can and will take place in Ghana because the economy is at the brink of collapse.

People are claiming that there is simply no money and that all the money is with Mr John Mahama and close family members and associates as well as the secret group headed by trusted aide Elvis Afriyie Ankrah to use again towards their party congress in 2014 and in preparation for the next General Election 2016. But, how true?

People who seem to be uncomfortable with the Mahama government say the President has already broken over 4 promises 5 months into his government. ?Spending is out of control, Corruption is getting worse, there are no housing programmes or policy to kick starts the dead economy,? they said.

In view of this people have added their voices to the call by a Deputy Commissioner of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Mr Richard Quayson, the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), The Danquah Institute among others for some key public officials; the President of the Republic, the Vice President, Speaker of Parliament, the two Deputy Speakers of Parliament, Members of Parliament, and any other minister whose appointment has been endorsed by Parliament and has since been sworn into office to declare their assets and liabilities as stipulated in the 1992 Constitution to help fight against corruption.

Ghanaians are advised to impress upon political leaders heed the call for the policy on declaration of assets of public officials to be strengthened. Asset declaration is a measure whereby public officials (including members of the judiciary and the legislature) are required to periodically declare their personal income and wealth for scrutiny by a state authority.

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