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Liberian Gov’t Charged to Punish Parents Who Fail to Educate Their Wards

Dewien district Commissioner Rev. Ballah Bue is calling on the Government of Liberia to penalise parents who’s failed to educate their children through the free and compulsory education program.

According to Rev Bue It is the mandate of the Government to ensure that children get better education as a responsibly of government Commissioner Bue disclosed.

The Government saw it necessary to provide Liberian children better education which will help dropped criminal rate in the country.

“Now, government has done their part in providing quality education, through free and compulsory education, we parents should ensure that our children be in school at all cause” He maintained.

Serving as guest Speaker at the Saymabu Public School over the weekend, Rev. Bue said he did a survey and it has shown that forty seven percent of our teachers are constantly late for their classes as the results is posing serious problem to the country education sector.

He spoke on the theme the impact of free and compulsory Education in the Liberian society.

“Some teachers have link their lateness to the lack of instructional materials due to government failure to provide them in public schools” he disclosed.

The lateness of teachers is killing the learning environment of our students in public schools, which is creating bad image on national government Commissioner Bue noted.

It is also resulting to students not completing the lesson plan that has been sent aside by the government.

He recommends that there should be a monitoring team that will supervise teachers activities while in schools.

He want government to enforce parents be able to force their children to attend or go to School.
team set aside to supervise teachers activities in the classrooms.

By Shadrach D. Brown,
Liberia Reporter

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