Kumawood Actress Vivian Jill Lawrence Has been Fraud

Speaking in a phone conversation with Big Akwes on Thunder TV’s “Fa Ntakra Nu wa sum”, some of the actors and actresses recounted their ordeals and how they got swindled. It was reported that the fraudster, a male, contacted Vivian Jill Lawrence for a contract to shoot an advert, and the actress agreed to meet the man to discuss and sign the terms of the contract in Kumasi.

According to Big Akwes, the fraudster who was not in Kumasi decided to make the trip to Kumasi to meet the actress. Vivian Jill Lawrence then received a call from the man saying he had encountered some problems with the police and had to ‘sort’ them out.

He added that he had his cheque book with him but there was no bank in sight. In effect, he asked Vivian Jill Lawrence to send him GHc 800 which she did. He later called and asked for GHc 1,000 but Vivian Jill became suspicious. According to her, she did not send the money because she did not have that amount. She later called a friend only to be told that she had been defrauded by the man. She learnt that the same ‘contract man’ had done same with some other actors and got them to send him huge sums of money.

Aunty Bee of “Efia Wura” also called into the program and recounted how she was swindled of GHc 1,200 by a young man who promised her a job. Aunty Bee further revealed that her sister had also been tricked before. It is reported that teen actress Maame Serwaa had also fallen victim to the schemes of these fraudsters. Some of the actors including Salinko revealed that they sensed fraud therefore they did not send the money to the person who was requesting for it. Mobile Money fraudsters have been on the increase and many people have fallen victim to their schemes. The telecommunications networks in Ghana and the security services are however doing their best to clamp down the activities of these confidence tricksters.

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