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Klint Da Drunk Survives Car Accident

Nigerian comedian , Afamefuna Igwemba popularly known as Klint Da Drunk , expressed gratitude to God for surviving a car crash along Bauchi- Jos express road .

Klint Da Drunk , took to his Instagram handle @ klintdadrunk to express his joy on Friday .

Below are extracted from his message:

“ Please , help me in praising God Almighty for delivering us from the Jaws of death . Along Bauchi- Jos express road , we were involved in a terrible car crash .

“We boarded golf 2 on charter as it was the only means to move.

“The driver was careful enough so I had no issues with him but then , out of the blues , a truck jumped right in front of us and road was wet as it had been drizzling .

“The driver tried all he could to stop the car but the slippery road just made it look like he did nothing all I was shouting was “JESUS ! JESUS !! JESUS !!!” and with a speed of about 100 km / per hr or thereabout , we rammed right into the back of this truck.

“God is so merciful and wonderful , we got out of the car with very minor injuries , how the tail of the truck was stopped from causing major damage on us is just God ’s doing.

“God I thank you for life , I thank You for Your Mercies, I thank You for Your Grace and for your love on sinners like us .

“May your name be glorified forever in Jesus Mighty Name !!! Amen !!!, ” he said

The Nigerian comic actor is a famous Nigeria stand out comedian and musician that has contributed to the entertainment industry immensely .

Klint Da Drunk became popular after he made his first appearance in Nigga raw first album “ Obodo” then appeared in several other videos .

He became a public figure after his unique performance in a ‘Night of Thousand Laugh ’ a comedy show hosted by Opa Willims in several parts of Nigeria .

The renowned comic actor has featured in numerous Nollywood movies which include Destroyer, Chain Reaction , Lost Kingdom , My house help etc .

He is married to his longtime girlfriend Lillian and their marriage is blessed with two children.

Meanwhile , Many celebrities were very excited that the comedian and other passengers survived the mishap .

They shared comments of gratitude on his page . Some reactions below:

@julietibrahim : “Glory be to God . I had a similar encounter before and it’s just God ’s miraculous intervention God is good all the time .”

@ruggedybaba : “Thank God for His mercies bro .”

@okonlagos : “Thank You Jesus.”

@senatorcomedian : “Thank God !!!!”

@alexxekubo : “God almighty we thank you.”

@patrick _salvado: “God is good bro, sorry about that Ordeal ”.

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