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Kaduna Rape Victim Cries Out


A 15-year old teenager, Faith Johnson of Nasarawa,  (not real names) in Kaduna, Nigeria has accused her  stepmother’s younger brothers of countlessly gang-raping her since the death of her mother .

The victim, a secondary school girl spoke to our correspondent, Mike Odeh James, alleged that the culprits started having carnal knowledge of her when she was 10 years old

Narrating her ordeal, “One day, one of my stepmother’s younger brothers asked me to go on an errand and when I returned, asked me to come into his room ti deliver the message. As i stepped into the room, he threatened me with a knife  and ordered me to strip naked, else I would be killed.

“I was terrified and had no option than to obey ordered. Two of them were in the room and they took turns in raping  me .

“Since then they have been raping me anytime no one is in the house”

The teenager further explained that when she finally told her father and stepmother about her ordeal in July this year, the stepmother with her brothers denied the allegation and collectively they flogged her mercilessly.

According to her, her biological father could not do any thing about her predicament adding that her mother died about 5 years ago which resulted to her father marrying a second wife .

She accused her stepmother of maltreating her and on many occasions threatened her with knife anytime she felt she did something wrong.

Internews Network correspondent went to make  further investigation into the allegation by talking to neighbors, school mates and principal of the school which the victim attends  and learnt that the story was true.

According to our correspondent’s findings, the stepmother’s siblings aged between 31 and 40 respectively had been committing the act for a very long time. When the victim’s father was contacted, he simply said “it is a family affair”

One of the neighbors told our Correspondent that the girl had on several occasion complained of being sexually harassed by two adults and that father of the girl, who is a security agent was not always around to help to put the situation under the control.

The principal of her school further confirmed the story that Faith was raped severally and all attempts to get the culprits punished was frustrated due to lack of cooperation from the father .

Neighbours also confirmed incessant beatings meted to the teenage girl by the stepmother.

Our correspondent also contacted the Commissioner For Women Affairs in the state, Hon.Hafsat Baba on the matter .

She promised that prompt and decisive action would be taken

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