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Jegede is competent to be Ondo Governor come October 10 – Adeloye

Jegede is competent to be Ondo Governor come October 10 – Adeloye

Hon. Kunle Adeloye is the Ondo State Coordinator of Eyitayo Jegede Good Governance Group (E3G). He is an eloquent grassroots politician whose popularity permeated the nooks and cranny of the state. In this brief press chat, he speaks on why Eyitayo Jegede should emerge the governorship candidate of his political party, Peoples Democratic Party for the October 10, 2020 Governorship Election.

What is your view on calls for zoning of your political party, Peoples Democratic Party’s 2020 governorship candidate to Ondo Southern Senatorial District?
I am a firm believer in a society driven by merit. This is the ideal way of bringing out the best from any organisation or society. I do not subscribe to zoning at all.
This is because the difference between rich and poor countries is not in the abundance or scarcity of tangible assets such as natural resources [crude oil, diamond, platinum etc.], rather, studies by reputable organizations, including the world bank, shows that it is in the degree of intangible asset— rule of law, protection of property rights, and human capital which includes organization and in particular criteria for leadership and public service.

In developed economies, election, appointment, recruitment into public office [or public service] is based predominantly on merit and competence. In sharp contrast, in underdeveloped economies, zoning, that is, where someone hails from, and who the person knows is ranked higher than competence and merit. It is a vicious cycle of prioritizing incompetence over competence at the election stage, appointment into public sector based on who you know, as opposed to what you know, and the harvesting of inefficient public sector.

It is difficult for the private sector to thrive and create jobs for the teeming youth in a society where the public sector, that is to regulate the rules of engagement in the private sector, is inefficient or comprised of incompetent people selected based on irrelevant factors of religion, ethnicity, or zoning.

Democracy emerged from a movement that rejected the primacy of ascribed status [prince, born into wealth] in selection for public office, and a preference for achieved status [an individual’s accomplishments based largely on his effort] as the basis for leadership.

This is why if you look at the list of developed economies, it is not a surprise that it is overwhelmingly dominated by advanced democracies. Indeed, one could conclude that they became developed economies as a result of being advanced democracies, or that the degree to which their democracies advance is the degree to which their economies develop.

If democracy is to bestow leadership primarily on the basis of achieved status, not ascribed status such as accident of birth to wealth or poor parents, or in a particular town or village, it appears that focusing on zoning as primary reason for choosing or supporting a candidate does not serve the interest of democracy.

This is why nothing works in such societies where mediocrity and incompetence holds sway in selection for leadership in the public sector.

The USA is a good example. In 1776, there were 13 states. And here is a list of the first 7 presidents and number of years in office as well as their respective states–
(1)George Washington, 8 years, Virginia,
(2) John Adams, 4 yrs, Massechusett,
(3) Thomas Jefferson, 8yrs, Virginia,
(4) James Madison, 8yrs, Virginia
(5) James Monroe, 8 yrs, Virginia
(6) John Quincy Adams, 4yrs, Massechusett,
(7) Andrew Jackson, 4yrs, Tennessee.

This means that for the first 40years of the existence of the USA as an independent country, only 2 of 13 states produced the presidents and 1 of the 13 states produced the president for 32, yes, 32! out of 40 years.

Are you saying that your principal, Eyitayo Jegede, SAN should emerge the next governorship candidate of the PDP based on merit?
Yes because I believe strongly that no section of Ondo State should be shot out in their quest to produce the Governorship flagbearer of PDP. I therefore hold the view that Eyitayo Jegede, SAN will emerge victorious in a free, fair and transparent primary election that majority of the party stakeholders are yearning for.
For me, canvassing for zoning the Governorship ticket to a particular senatorial district now can be self-serving, deceitful and a deliberate ploy to reverse the electoral gains of the party in the last year general election. It is divisive and a time bomb to kill the acceptability of the political party by electorates in Ondo State. How do you explain excluding a senatorial district with forty percent (40%) of total voters registration of the state not fielding an aspirant? How do you explain excluding the immediate past candidate of the party from not participating in the primary election after coming second in the last election despite the fact that he could not campaign round the state due to legal hurdle unjustly placed before him? How do you shot out the most popular aspirant from the race in the name of ungodly zoning? How do you explain excluding someone that has remained a beckon of support for the party since when it seemed there was no redemption for the party, yet he remained loyal, faithful and committed to the party?
This simple “merit-first” concept has somehow eluded the intellectually bankrupt elites in underdeveloped economies where archaic provincial thinking of “zoning first” appears to predominate.

For instance in Nigeria, Clinton would not have been able to run as Senator from New York just a year after establishing residency there and it’s doubtful if she could have run from Arkansas where she had spent almost 30years of her adult life. Rather she would have been compelled to go to Illinois, by Nigerian definition of state of origin, a place where she had not lived in since age of 10!

Well, it gets worse. Had Obama been born and bred in Kenya, he is from a minority tribe and the best he could possibly be is councillor, and please forget about running for governor, and don’t even think about the presidency. Today, the same Obama, in a country where merit and competence are valued was the president of the most powerful country in the world.

This idea of zoning over merit is the bane of our society. Imagine if all elective office is based largely on merit and demonstrable competence of the elected officials.

Imagine if recruitment into the teaching service, police and the army is not based on a slip note from a king or member of the legislature, but on merit. Imagine if the judiciary, the selection of judges, is based on merit.

The disturbing part of the story of our society is that it is the so called elites, supposedly the educated ones, who are so quick to play the zoning-ethnic card for no other reason but to advance their own selfish interest.

Let’s put our best foot forward based on merit, integrity, competence and general acceptability. These words march and define Eyitayo Jegede, SAN.
Let us go with that first. The truth of the matter is that the ruling party (APC) does not belief in free, fair and credible elections. They are known for their impunity and recklessness. This is therefore a strong wake-up calling that this is not the appropriate time to exclude some sections of the state from presenting aspirants to vie for the ticket of our party. In football, you don’t keep your best player on the bench in a cup winning match.
I wish to submit by appealing that all hands must be put on deck to face in the people in power. Let us put our best leg forward and work assiduously as a team to reclaim the Alagbaka Govt House once again. It is visible and possible.

Thank you.

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