I’ve changed from sleeping with Kofi Adjorlolo & his son – Ama Richest confessed

 Ghanaian nudist and model, Ama Richest has come out to debunk on going rumours of her sleeping with veteran Ghanian actor Kofi Adjorlolo and his son. The plus sized,dark skinned model claimed that she is a changed person and is not having sexual relations with both father and son.

In a rather long post, she reacted to the rumors in detail;
“Don’t get me wrong I have been bad before but for someone to come up and write fake stories about me sleeping with someone and his dad is jus outrageous, I wouldn’t do that in a million years, just because am friend with someone and his dad doesn’t mean am warming their beds.
Is not only a taboo to do that but it’s against everything I stand for’ I am a change person and am trying to better my life people should also try and do that and stop making up stories that’s ain’t true, thanks,

Ama Richest is known to be a nudist and model who also charges $100 dollars for escort services. She had once stated that Snapchat had created a platform for her to make money she sees no reason why she shouldn’t tap in. She had also activated the premium Snapchat where followers would have to pay a fee to subscrive to her page in order to have the pleasure of seeing her nudes as she stayed covered in nothing but paint.

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