Invest In The Education Of Your Children Than Buying Funeral Clothes

The Founder and Director of Full Hearts Foundation, Marian Gyapomaa Gyasi has caution parents and guardians to invest in the education of their wards other than buying clothes for funerals and weddings whiles their children lack the basic items to sustain them in school.
She stated emphatically that, some parents do not think about the future of their wards because they don’t check their children academic performance and the kind of dress they send to school.
 We’re sometimes forced to ask for the parents of some wards looking at the uniform they send to school.
It is true  times are hard but we’re pleading with parents to at least ensure their children look presentable before they send them off to school.
Parents should know that the future of their children is very important to the society, because they are our future leaders, Education is the key to success, some students do not have text books, exercise books or even pencils to write. Not to talk about school uniforms which is very sad. She lamented.
She then urged the government and all stakeholders to help brilliant but needy students in the rural areas to compete with those in the cities to improve our educational system.
She made this statement when the foundation donated school items ( books, pencils, school uniforms and many more) to Assin Dompim Methodist KG 1&2, class 1 and JHS students in the Assin North Municipality in Central Region.
The new single released by the young Ghanaian rapper and singer Sono “Megye Meni” some months after wutah’s bronya has taken over the airwaves both local and international.
Bronya as used to played all over by every media and outlets is suffering and hardly to heard as Sono’s “Megye Meni”has taken over.
Speaking to Sono’s management why the quick and fast hits, they replied saying because their artiste is not on the same trend with musician’s off late, and their artiste Sono has his own directions and not doing copy and paste.
The PRO finally said by the end of this month “Megye Meni’s” video will be released as new single to be released entitled Ohemaa.
Evans Kwaku Oboafi Junior

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