Be innovative in tackling poor sanitation-Residents urged

The Assembly member for Kumawu Market center electoral area in the Kumawu district in the Ashanti Region,Hon Achampong Buckman has called on Metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies to be innovative in tackling environmental sanitation in the country.
A chunk of the assemblies’ revenues is spent on sanitation and waste management but many of the residents in these Assemblies are living in filth.
With the onset of the rains and its attendant health implications, Hon. Acheampong Buckman  believes something must be done and fast.
Speaking in an interview with Silver Fm reporter, Akwadaa Nyame,Hon Buckman, believes providing adequate public dustbins at source can help reduce the sanitation challenges in the country.
He said the dustbins should be labeled so that for those who can’t read they will be able to know what the dustbins are to be used for.
“Let us strengthen that so that if any child or adult is walking round and sees these dustbins provided with labels, they will know where to dump their rubbish.
“Nobody wants to live in filth,” he said.
 He said, there is a refused site in his area which has been there for about 30 years which is bleed mosquitoes.He added that, should nothing is done about it within this week, there will be excessive cholera and malaria outbreak in the whole town. He then appealed to the assembly and the government to come to their aid by providing them with dustbin and removed this aged refused.
Hon Buckman added that, apart from this refuse issues, people are dying because of their deplorable roads which need quick attention. He said, they have to carried pregnant women and patients in their shoulder’s to access health care.
Evans Kwaku Oboafi Junior

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