Increase in Talk Time Tax freedom for Telecomunication companies to over charge customers

Mr. Apataea Isaac Kwasi a Human Resource Development practitioner has predicted that the increase in the Talk Time Tax from 6% to 9% will give Freedom to the telecommunication companies to overcharge their customers.

He said this at a media encounter in Dunkwa-on-offin, in the central Region of Ghana. He further stated that Telecomunication companies must be compelled to publish their pricing in accordance with the increase in talk time tax to make customers aware how they are being charged in the usage of airtime.

He further stated that the increase which is 50% have been seen as too much for customers who patronize the telecommunications in Ghana.

He further appealed to the youth who are mostly the hard hit in this talk time tax increase to make use of their little resouces and reduce much usage of airtime in order to to plan for a better future.

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