Implement Aliens’ Registration Regulation , 1974( LI.856 ) To Combat Fulani Menace – Student activist appeals to government

Implement Aliens’ Registration Regulation , 1974( LI.856 ) To Combat Fulani Menace – Student activist appeals to government

A citizen from the Volta region has made a humble appeal to the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) and the Ghana Tourism Authority to consider ways of implementing the Aliens’ Registration Regulation , 1974(Legislative Instrument .856 ) .

The issues revolving around Fulani herdsmen in Ghana has become a nationwide problem that requires all hands on deck to fight this problem that has bedeviled the country over these few years .

This has caused our farmers across the length and breadth of mother Ghana to harbour fears in them and which in turn prevent them from undertaking farm activities at periods deemed necessary on the farming calendar .

Geographical locations of such circumstance cannot be mentioned devoid of Agogo in the Ashanti Region where three soldiers in addition to one police officer were shot recently , Kwahu in the Eastern Region where nine(9) people were killed during clashes , and Sokode Ando( my holy village) in the Volta Region where one person was beaten to death and farming activities disturbed .

The Legislative Instrument with respect to the registration of aliens and their regulation in Ghana , would provide details of their nationality , and the geographical locations of these Fulani herdsmen . This legislative instrument will also go a long way to regulate the activities of Fulani herdsmen in the county .

Another school of thought would also assert that , there is no need for such implementation ; rather , a harsh way of handling this issue that has befallen the nation . Indeed , taking this step would rather place the security of the nation at risk other than the safer side .

One will ask , how is this going to be achieved ….???

The Ghana Immigration Service(GIS) and the Ghana Tourism Authority should instead of hoteliers per the details of the L.I , peacefully collaborate with chiefs and opinion leaders from the various communities so to provide details of aliens in their communities (mainly the Fulanis) since these Fulani herdsmen do not in most cases lodge at hotels .These chiefs must be made to sign bonds so not to take the credibility of the law for granted .

This problem if not well solved may disrupt our beneficial agriculture policies in the coming days or years including the planting for food and jobs policy which has come to create some form of stability in the agriculture sector.

Alongside the amicable cooperation mong the chiefs , the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Ghana Immigration Service must liaise with government to employ the services of “operation vanguard” that has chopped so many successes in the area of the long embattled illegal mining .

Our people are losing their lives , our lands are getting degraded , our farmers are in fears and our farm products are being deteriorated by the influx of these Fulani herdsmen .

This is my humble suggestion to mother Ghana and never in any way should anyone in this country politicise this issue of national concern .

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