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IGP’s festive season message in full

“We plan to continue with our operational activities in the New Year,” says the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola.


Here is the message of Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola for the festive season . . .

I would like to take this opportunity on my own behalf and on behalf of entire Police fraternity, to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2020. The festive season is all about thanksgiving and rejoicing, where many families and communities come together to celebrate.

Therefore, as we ready ourselves to celebrate Christmas, and usher in the new-year, let us be mindful about opportunistic criminals out there who would wish to take advantage of the slightest opportunity to rob or steal what you have worked for throughout the year, and or commit any other crime.

On our side, this year has been full of challenges and computing demands on crime and safety. We registered selected incidents of violent crimes, which had created fear in the public, but we worked tirelessly throughout the year, after adopting several strategies and initiatives that helped crack down on the violent crimes of murder by shooting, aggravated robberies and kidnappings to mention a few.

Some of these strategies included; an expansive crime prevention initiative, response effectiveness through community outreaches, crime mapping and data collection, efficient resource allocation, hotspot policing where violent crime is concentrated, problem-oriented policing, use of new technologies like CCTV surveillance, DNA fingerprinting of guns, and automated fingerprint analysis.

We also made improvements on how we conducted intelligence and investigations, recruited more police officers to enhance our manpower intensive practices like patrols and visibility; and also profiling and pursuing known repeat criminals.

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