I will definitely win Bibiani/Anhwiaso/ Bekwai seat. Hopeful parliamentary candidate

Hon Bennieh Stephen Kingsley, former constituency secretary, now parliamentary hopeful has appealed to all delegates within Bibiani/Anhwiaso/Bekwai to vote him this primaries to contest on the ticket of National Democratic Congress (NDC) to shockly snatch the parliamentary seat for the party.

The Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai seat has been orphan for the party since 2004.

Hon Bennieh Stephen Kingsley in an interview with Ghana Manhene on Akwaaba FM stated emphatically that the party has been orphan in the constituency for a long period of time and it’s about time to end that opposition drought if he is voted to lead the party 2020.

” The party (NDC) needs a hard-working person, someone who has served the party selflessly and ready to even die for the party. And am that person the party can trust. I have worked starting from grassroots til now, never feel cheated or left behind and it’s all for the succession of the party. I am pleading to all delegates to trust and vote me and victory 2020 will be their new title album” he added.

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