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I was raped multiple times by my uncles – Comedienne

Comedienne Brendah Jons of the ‘Plesident Kingston’ fame was raped multiple times while growing up.

This is according to the creative who for the first time opened up on Friday, October 19, and shared her harrowing ordeal in the hands of people well known to her.

“I have been a rape victim before, twice, and sexually assaulted once,” narrated the fast-rising comic fondly referred to as Mama Njeri or Mama Kingston by her legion of fans.

Sharing her heart-breaking story on Weekend with Betty, Jones said that she was first raped by her uncle while staying with her grandmother as her mother was abroad.

Jons was five years old.

“The first time I was five, and he would do it continually. He would actually threaten me that ‘if you say anything, I will kill you’.

“When I was 12, my aunt’s husband did it again. This time it was a bit violent because he stuffed socks in my mouth and dared me, ‘you tell them now let us see what they will do’. He did it only once and told me that it was all he wanted.

“He then told me ‘if you want to tell them go, see if they will believe you’ because he was a church guy. He was a praise and worship leader and I am surprised that I am in the church right now,” she narrated.

Asked if she reported the incident, Jones noted that she opened up to her family about two years ago.

“They were like why didn’t you tell us. I had not planned to share. I had just had consistent nightmares over and over… But I feel like a huge burden has been lifted because I used to hate men considering that when I was 18 I got sexually assaulted by a pastor.

“When guys were leaving after bible study he told me you don’t have to go let us talk about how gifted I am and how God was taking me to the nations; all those things. Before I know it is 12 midnight. I didn’t even fight him, I was like they have done this before-just do what you want.

“The following day he gave me Sh200 and told me ‘make sure you don’t get pregnant, I don’t want you tarnishing my name’. I was a first-year in campus,” she added.

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