I never called for MCE’s removal but.. – NPP Communicator

I never called for MCE’s removal but… – NPP Communicator

An embattled communication member, Abenbebom has denied calling for the removal of the East Akim municipality, Mr Twum-Ampofo but rather urged him to rather sit up.

According to him, he was rather alerting the MCE on sanitation issues as most major gutters and areas are choked with filth.

Abenbebom, on Wednesday was tough on the MCE’s performance describing it as abysmal when he was contributing on a political show on a local Nopras fm at Akyem Tafo.

The eastern regional communication team member for Npp also member of the serial callers association Continued by saying, it is someone who has misquoted him and claiming he is going to lead demonstrations against the east akim municipal chief executive Hon Twum Ampofo for his dismissal.

According to ABENBEBOM. He has never in anywhere demanded for the dismissal of Hon Twum Ampofo as MCE but reviving him to work as MCE he should be active,
Since there is alot of complains and tensions in the municipality.

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